Do I need to be at home for mattress collection?

No, you don’t need to be at home. Simply ensure that the mattresses/ bases or items are placed in front of the property, street view, visible to our drivers by 10pm the night before your selected date for collection.

Do you pick up mattresses for recycling for all of the Sydney region?

Yes, we do. From Gosford in the north, to Katoomba in the west, to Wollongong in the south. Click here to view map of region radius.

Do you recycle the mattresses?

Yes, we do. Most of the mattresses and bases are recycled.

Do you collect mattress bases also?

Yes! Simply add it the number of mattress items you have for recycling. The price is per piece.

Is there any charge for mattress collection?

Yes, there is. Go to Mattress Collection and enter the number of items you have to view the cost of pick-up.

How soon can I have my mattress collected?

You can have your mattress collected the next day. Simply order before 2pm.