About Mattress Recycler

Who are we?

Our mission says it all:

Recycle unwanted mattress, keep them out of landfill and give them new life!

Mattress Recycler has been providing a mattress removal service since 2009.

We attend residential premises and commercial depots, collect unwanted mattresses that would otherwise be sent to landfill and take them back to our recycling facility in Sydney.

Once there, the mattresses are stripped and recycled to the fullest extent possible. We recycle steel, foam, latex, poly urethane, coconut fibre and timber from bed bases where possible.

recycled steel mattress springs

Here’s a thought:

We help the environment and your pocket. Instead of throwing out those old mattresses, allow us to recycle it or better still have it refurbished for a fraction of the cost of a new one!

refurbished mattress

Sydney Mattress Recycling | Mattress Removal Service

The mattress materials left to waste are reduced to 0.05m3 from an average of 1.3m3 for a queen size mattress (approximately 3%) – So if you are a retailer or independent please contact us for all your needs.

So whether you are searching for a mattress removal service, mattress collection service, mattress recycling service or a mattress disposal service in Sydney – WE FIT YOUR BILL!

What do we do with the mattresses?

Mattresses are sanitised by steam to kill harmful bacteria and bugs before refurbishment process. Covered in new quilted quality fabrics combined Fresh Treated Foam which is strong and durable to protect against dust mites and other potentially harmful bacteria.

Comfort Layers are made from Fresh Treated Foam which conform to your body shape for comfort and support providing a restful nights sleep.

Save the planet by minimising land fill!